About Giving Hands-Enabling Mobility

 It is estmated that, around the globe, thousands of people of all ages survive industrial, agricultural, road-traffic and other accidents, acts of violence and war; as a consequence, they suffer severe disabilities. Even some are born without limbs but are unable to obtain a functional prosthetic hand.

“Giving Hands-Enabling Mobility” is one of the community service projects initiated by Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town to meet this need within a country with a prosthetic hand. The goal of the project is to provide a prosthetic hand to the needy people so as to enable their mobility to perform the activities in their daily life.

The initial phase of the project includes collection of data in detail.

Sources: Hospitals, health centers, public sectors, voluntary, corporate and private organizations or clubs, community and individuals.  

On accumulation of 50 or more pre-screened applicants, arrangements for providing a prosthetic hand free of cost from USA will be organized and the recipients will be contacted upon arrival.

What is Prosthetic Hand?

A prosthetic hand used on “Giving Hand- Enabling Mobility is an artificial device used to supplement the lost part of the hand below the elbow. The Prosthetic Hand is not a medical device. It is a simple, low cost, durable, reliable and functional “helping hand.” It is constructed of “cocoa puff” color, injection molded plastic, with brass and stainless steel metal parts. The prosthetic hand is resistant to water, heat, dirt and salt, and it is easy to clean with just clear water. It is strong and, when properly fit on the recipient’s arm, can support more than 25 pounds of weight.

One size fits all recipients and functions as either the left or right hand. The hand is attached easily and is easily removed by the wearer in a few seconds.

Key features of a prosthetic hand

  • Durable – Simple – Light-weight – Functional
  • Easy to fit by trained non-medical volunteers
  • No significant maintenance – replace when damaged
  • Fills a previously unfilled need

Who can use a prosthetic hand?

A prosthetic hand that is being provided under “Giving Hand-Enabling Mobility” is targeted for all, irrespective of cause, gender, sex, religion, caste and ethnicity. However, there are certain requirements that the candidate must meet so as to be eligible as a recipient of prosthetic hand.

Some of the basic requirements are

  • The candidate must be about 2 years old and above.
  • Minimum 12 centimeters of residual hand must be present from the tip of the elbow to end of the cut part.
  • There should be no open wounds and no unusual sensitivity on the residual hand.
  • There must be good flexibility and muscle tone in the upper arm, joint and residual limb.
  • For double amputees, only one prosthetic hand is delivered per candidate.

Who can help us?

Individuals, Hospitals and Health Centers, Public health agencies, Rotaract and other youth clubs, voluntary, corporate and private organizations and clubs

How can you help us?

  • Individuals

“Giving hands- enabling mobility” responds to individual requests for prosthetic hands. Therefore, individuals can support us personally by helping us find the needy person. The individuals can serve as a liaison person between the club and the recipient candidate by making personal contacts of the needy people with the club to register their name for further proceedings.

Further, as an individual, one can support our project through means of promotion. Individuals can share the information regarding the project within their organization, institute, and club as well as within their acquaintances. One can also support the cause through active participation in our “Giving Hand-Enabling Mobility” facebook campaign.

  • Hospitals/ Health Centres

Hospitals and health centres can support the project by providing the required information of their patients, who meet the requirements for receiving the prosthetic hand.

  • Public Health Agencies/ Voluntary, Corporate and Private Organizations

Organizations can respond to this project through helping us get the recipients through their networks. Also they can play a liaison role between the club and the clients.

  • Rotaract and other youth clubs

Rotaract and various other clubs can support for the cause by helping us find the eligible clients from among their locality/community. They can also assist us in the registration of the clients within their reach by filling up the “Recipient Pre-registration Form” available from our website and timely submission of the documents to the project coordinator.

How to find a recipient for a prosthetic hand?

  • Personal contacts: One could have known a person who meets the criteria for receiving a prosthetic hand. S/he could be one’s relative, neighbor, friend or colleague.
  • Groups/Networks: The network of a club can be mobilized to find a potential client. The information regarding the project can be relayed within the clubs/organizations so that members can contribute for the cause.
  • Through media: One having good relations with the media personnel can help us find the recipient by helping us relay the project information through respective media.

Service above Self

There’s no greater purpose than service to others. Giving Hands-Enabling Mobility is an entirely a voluntary community service project conducted with a theme “Service above Self”. So, we are unable to appreciate your contributions in financial terms. However, we would appreciate the support of all luminaries and helping hands through certification and letter of appreciation.

Letter of Introduction

Information Manual

Consent Form

Recipient Pre-Registration Form

Progress Report

Final Report

Contact us

Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar
Mentor/ Advisor
RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town
Email: racs@wlink.com.np 

Rtr. Kishor Acharya
President (2012-13)
RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town
Mobile: 977-9849027646
Email: mekishoracharya@gmail.com

Rtr. Prabase Ghimire
Mobile: 977-9849134766
Email: prabesh45@gmail.com 

Rtr. Anil Dhungana
Mobile: 977-9841917883
Email: anil.dhungana1990@gmail.com