History of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town

The name Rotaract is coined by Rotary International as “Rotary in Action”. The first Rotaract club in the world is Rotaract club of North Charoliate, North Carolina  USA which was formed on 13th March 1968 hence the week in which 13th March falls is celebrated all over the world as the World Rotaract Week.

In 1997 mentor Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar held a meeting spectra/ Blue Star to draw up the Rotaract club charter with the Mr. Santosh, Mr. Raju, Mr. Jeevan and decided to go for the establishment of the new Rotaract club. Even before being chartered Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town organized various programs like Eye Camp, Program with Street Children, Prisoners child, Establishment of Library, Rotaract and Interact Forest etc. The new Rotaract club was named as Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-Town in the name of sponsoring club – Rotary club of Kathmandu Mid-Town. The charter was signed on 5th November 1997 and hence the Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-Town officially came into existence. So members of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town celebrate 5th November as the anniversary of the club.

The Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-Town was chartered with 15 members designating Rtr. Santosh Giri as the charter president. Five advisors of the club include Rtn. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar, Rtn. Anand Tuladhar, Rtn. Yogendra Pradhan, Rtn. Mani Dhoj Joshi, Rtn. Anup SJB Rana (he passed away in the second year of establishment) With the guidance of the advisor Rtn. Dr. Lekha maam and other senior Rotarians the club started to function with proper official manner under the Rotaract constitution and by laws. The club started holding its regular meeting on Sunday 3:00pm at Spectra Optical, Thapathali.

In this very first year, to ‘Serve for Excellence’the club was able to organize many programs in different avenues of service with the kind support of advisors, parent rotary club and other well wishers. Keeping in mind ‘Show Rotary Cares’ various service programs were launched in the community. Kaleidoscope, the regular bulletin of the club was released for the first time on the charter ceremony. The Rotaract Club activities boost up the enthusiasm of the members in return the club was able to ‘Be an Example’ and awarded as the Best New Club of Nepal.

Rtr. Raju Panta successor of Rtr. Santosh Giri has previously served as Vice President of the club. With the message ‘Think a Fresh Act a New’ the first systematic president Rtr. Raju steer the club in the right direction to ‘Follow your Rotary Dream’. In this year Rtr. Bishal, Rtr. Arun and the president participated representing the club for the first time in Rotaract District conference ‘Janus 99′ at Calcutta. DRR Md. Feroz’s appreciation for the Health and Hygiene project of the club in that conference was a great honour. At the conference the club was able to beg the award for the Best Photo Display. After the successful completion of the tenure Rtr. Raju represent the club in the district as the District International Service Director.

Millennium year was handled by the Millennium president Rtr. Bishal Gauchan. In this year one of the charter members of the club Rtr. Bhuvanari Shrestha ‘Discover Herself Through Rotaract’being an Ambassadorial Scholar of Japan. In the club history she has great contribution for the publicity of the Rotaract club. In the same year club was represented by Secretary Rtr. Arun Sharma at South Asian Rotaract Conference Rotassia 2000 at Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The club members initiated to support and provide ideas for the establishment of new Rotaract and Interact Club. Even though there is to and fro of the members the club ‘Act With Consistency, Credibility and Continuity’. In this year club was awarded as the Nepal’s best club for International Service and Best Photo Display in the award function.

On 2000-01 with the presidency of Rtr. Arun Sharma the club ‘arise, awake and become proactive’. He had already served the club as Sgt-At-Arms, Directors, Secretary. In this year, the club ‘Create Awareness, Take Action’ for various issues at the community level. Some major projects of this year are “Environment, Career and Health Awareness Programme”, Celebration of the whole Rotaract Week, Parents Interaction programme, Temple Cleaning, Library Establishment at various schools as well as the members were actively involved in RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), Eye Camp at Hetauda, Polio plus campaign as partners-in-service too. At the end of the year the club was awarded as the Best Club of Zone VII and the President Rtr. Arun Sharma as the best President of Zone VII. Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town also takes hold of the award for the best club for Rotary Rotaract Relation from this year. The credit for this good Rotary Rotaract relation goes to the Rotary president Rtn. Willem Ma. After this success the club was represented in the district by the Rtr. Arun as the Assistance District Coordinator for Nepal.

On 2001-02 Rtr. Prashant Sigdel who had already gathered the club experience of Sgt-at-Arms, Directors and Vice President, lead the club. Undertaking “Mankind is our Business” Rtr. Prashant “Carve a Niece” by launching various major activities like programs with street children, Art Festival, various awareness programs and it reach the club to a great height. In this year the work for the Australian Block at Kirtipur was initiated. In account of these good works the club was awarded as the Best Club of Nepal along with many other awards with the nominations in each and every category.

Rtr. Radheshyam Bhandari steer the club in the year 2002-03. During his tenure also club’s esteemed height and was maintained by “Believing in yourself, Live to Love” the club “Sow the Seeds of Love” by organizing various programs in different avenues of service.

On 2003-04 Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town is fortunate enough to have the president Rtr. Avas Piya who had already contributed his effort towards the club being Directors and Secretary. The credit the systematic reporting system as well as well manner documentation of the club goes to him. Rtr. Avas declared the club theme “Help Other to Help Themselves” and the trend is followed by all his successors. Kathmandu Mid-Town “Lend A Hand” for girl child education project in this year. He “Underline the presence” in the District Council as District Council and First Assistant District Rotaract Representative of Nepal for RI District 3290.

Centennial President Rtr. Manjusha Shrestha, successor of Rtr. Avas “Past Forward and Take the New Step” as the first lady president of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town. She had already served the club as Treasurer, Directors and Secretary as well. In this year, Kathamandu Mid-Town “Celebrate Rotary” with the establishment of Library, Multipurpose Hall at Dhobighat and others. Kathmandu Mid-Town also initiate the vision screening program in this year. The club has been honoured as the Best Club of Nepal with many other awards in this tenure. Rtr. Manjusha was able to represent the club in the district level as District Finance Officer, District Secretary and Assistant District Leadership Trainer.

On 2005-06 the presidency of Kathmandu Mid-Town was crowned by Rtr. Bhawana Thapaliya. Utilizing the previous club experience of Editor, Joint Secretary, Directors and Vice President Rtr. Bhawana come out to “Serve to make a Difference”. Some of the major projects of this year in which the club demonstrate its “Serve Above Self” are 3H Rotary, Clean water Project, Sanitation, Combat Hunger Project, Launching of club website, Library at Janasewa School, Women Empowerment Project, Vision Screening extended to district level and other clubs are guided for vision screening. At the end the club was awarded as the best club of Nepal along with many other awards. As a “Footstep to the Future” Rtr. Bhawana represented the club in the District Level as District Director for both Club Service and International Service.

On 2006-07 Rtr. Prashanna Shrestha as a president “Lead the Way” to give “Newer Paradigm toward Definite Endeavours”. Rtr. Prashanna had already served the club as Web Master and Directors as well. In this year club was successful to arrange some fund raising programs. International Twin club was established, Kathmandu Mid-Town was promoted to the Rotaract Clubs over Switzerland also and HSEB was also initiated at Janasewa School by the club. At the end the club was awarded as the Best Club of Nepal with many awards in different category.

On 2007 – 08, Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town handled by one of the active Rotaractors Rtr. Prashant Sharma. If “Rotary Shares” with Rotaract “Together we can make a Difference” in the community. Rtr. Prashant was recognized as the most promising member in his first year of service in Rotaract in 2005 – 06 and hold the post as a Club Service Director, Joint Secretary, Partners in Service Officer and Club Editor in the year 2006 – 07. During his tenure, VISION Screening of more than 5000 Students where 563 children were tested to detect avoidable blindness with provision of necessary spectacles to give SIGHT. SAFE DRINKING WATER was made available to 110 families of different places, by providing them SBL water filter with International and local support. Inauguration of Multi-purpose hall and other development works at Moti Binayak School Dholahity and also distributed of wheel chairs to physically and mentally challenged persons. International Relation was also strong as Rotary District Foundation Chair  and other Rotarians from various Districts along the DG from the respective Districts visited the club. Twin Club with Rotaract Club of Salt Lake City was also the great milestone for his tenure. At the end the club was awarded as the Best Club in 3rd Position along with many other prestigeous awards in different catagory.

In the year of 2008-2009 Nepal got its own RI. District 3292 and at that time Rtr. Amod Acharya was the president of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town. He had previously served the club board as Sgt. At Arms and Community Service Director. That year Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town was able to provide variety of services through our wide range of environment, health sector, world peace and family values. Some of the major projects were;

SAFE DRINKING WATER was made avaiable to the families of Bagmati Riverside Slum area by providing them SODIS method of water purification, 1000 water bottles and 10 SBL filters with Int’l and local support.
Inaguration of TOILET COMPLEX at Sanchetana Primary School, Dhobighat (with the help of World Community Service Chair Rtn. Sioji Ajuma and RC Kamigari, Japan). And also at NEKOSERA village community, Thimi along with tube well construction(with the help of Rotary, Rotaract, ENPHO).
Basketball Court development and handover to the MANGAL H S S Family in Kirtipur(with the help and support of RC Landshut Germany & Dr. Chandra lekha Tuladhar)
1000 kgs. of Ration donation at Shanti Shewa Griha Leprocy Centre on the Occasion of WORLD FOOD DAY (collected from Fistful rice donation programme in various community of Kathmandu Valley)
Afforestation of 100 saplings at ROTARACT-Interact forest Kirtipuron the innaguration day of RI. District 3292 (chief guest His Excellency Dan Stav Israeli Ambassador)
Navadailo” Tour De Education with Nirnaya NSK in Pokhara Damauli Ithari Ktm. for supporting the education of childrens at Gurung and chepang community.
Cloth Bank establishment for the help and support to the Koshi flood victims.
Career opportunities to the 40+ students regarding Internships and professional development  and HR management trainings.
Distribution of34 wheel chairs to mentally and physically challenged people along with the support of World Wheel chair Foundation.
These were some of the highlights on Major projects.
Rtr. Amod Acharya was able to cherish the year 2008-09 with the club theme “Serve to make a Difference.” He was able to “make dreams Real” in many cases related to the club RC Kathmandu Mid-Town would like to appreciate the help and support of thr Rtn. RR Shrestha (Parent rotary president, RC Landshut Germany, RC Kamigari, Japan. Rtn Sioji Ajuma(WCS Chair), Rtn. Eileen and John Heasely, Rajesh Adhikari (ENPHO), Ktm Mid Town Interactors, all 6 SAP families, Rtn. Anand Sir, RC Narayani Mid-Town (Twin Club), Past President/Advisors, club members, our mentor/ Adviser, a true Rotarian and ever loving mother Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar (Love you always).
Distribution of 34 wheel chairs to mentally and physically challenged people along with the support of World Wheel chair Foundation.

The legacy set by Past President Rtr. Amod was continued by Rtr. Anil Shrestha who was president for RY 2009-2010. In the initial months, membership of the club was not so strong which was planned strategically in his year and focused first 6 month in Membership strengthening where he started an incentive award for  bringing new members in the clubs. Within 6 month, membership developed for around 55% then club started to prioritize in leadership development and fellowship. Besides this, with the active team of the clubs, many effective projects, like health and hygiene for school children of Slum, developing library in SAP, developing toilet complex in slum school, construction of rooms for 10+2 classes and handed over on the occasion of Rotary International day, furniture handover to the Janasewa School and Refrigerator support for single woman run canteen in SAP etc. were successfully conducted.

Besides, Career Fair for 10+2 students, corporate skills for youths, simple health checkup training for Rotaractors etc were also conducted successfully. For the first time in Rotaract, service project for Street Animals was organized in Patan and also Thapathali Chowk cleaning and painting of fence on the road was organized during Nepal Banda which was widely covered by the media. Involving almost all members on a day, Rotaractors from Ktm Mid-Town visited 9 clubs in 2 days where most of the visits were goodwill visit. For the first time, triangular twin club concept was implemented where our club was twin with RAC Narayani Mid-Town and RAC Pokhara Mid-Town and jointly hosted First President and Secretary meet in Pokhara.

As mega Diabetes Camp, 4000 plus general public were screened with diabetes which ran for 4 month in every week. This project was done jointly with Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town and Astha Nepal where around 85 youths were involved and the findings of the camp was used as advocacy tool to prioritize Non Communicable health in Policy making level of Nepal Government. Nevertheless, training programs for Interact was in high priority in the year and even interacts were sponsored to attend Rotaract District program by the club in his tenure.

Strategically, another provision of conducting a board meeting in a board member’s home was implemented effectively which raised the profile of our club among the family members. With the all support from Past President, members, guests and guidance from Mentor/ Advisor Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar, the tenure was a great success and with all motivated and trained Rotaractors, Rtr. Anil Shrestha handed over his president ship to Rtr. Anil Chaudhary in July 2010. With his ability, Rtr. Anil Shrestha then served Rotaract District for 2 year and serving as Master Trainer the Rota Year (2012-2013)

The presidency of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town was handed over to Rtr. Anil Kr. Chaudhary on 24th July 2010 and well accepted by him to heighten glory in the Rotaract Movement in Nepal and in the world. The relationship with various Rotary and Rotaract clubs within and outside the country became major achievements in the year 2010-11. The system to host board meeting at each board member’s residence was a milestone in this year.
This year, more focus was given on professional development along with fellowship among the club members and beyond the club with various organizations. The professional development avenue included much useful training like Movie Script Writing and Photography, Presentation Skills and Face Interview Workshop, Program Planning and Proposal Writing workshop and Leadership training. In addition, 690 commuters’ children under 5 years were vaccinated on 13th National Immunization Day (NID) at Nagdhunga, Thankot. Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town supported Rotary Movement; for which Rotary is well known in the world. Three classrooms were developed at Jana Sewa H.S.S, Kirtipur and the whole block named as “Rotary Block” in recognition of Rotary’s service in the school since 15 years. Also, three sets of Britannica Encyclopedia were donated to Mangal H.S.S, Kirtipur, Jana Sewa H.S.S, Paanga, Kirtipur and Phulchowki H.S.S, Thaiba in coordination with Rotary Club of Kathmandu Metro.
Another success of the year was Mega Health Camp at Bandipur of Tanahun District jointly by Six Rotary Clubs from Singapore & Brunei & Six Rotary Clubs from Nepal. The health camp covered dental health, overall health check up, gynecological ward for uterus cancer screening, uterus prolapse screening and health promotion part (vision screening, hand washing techniques and soap distribution). Members of Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town actively involved in the proper management of health camps, handled health promotion activities
This was the first time when five Rotaractors of club attended any international event “Rotasia-2011” at Goa from 13-16 Jan’11 where club pins, bookmarks, club letter head were exchanged with international Rotaractors from all over the world.