Message from District Governor

Rtr. Saugat Gautam
President 2013-14 and Members of
Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town

Dear Rotaractors,
At the outset I take this opportunity to congratulate the new office bearers of the club for assuming their respective offices to lead the club in the Rotary year 2013-14 and wish you all the best on this occasion of commencement of the new Rotary year.

Rotary Leaders have expressed that “New Generations Service (now Youth Service) is an integral part of Rotary. But just as future generations depend on Rotary, Rotary depends on them. We must continue to grow, to create new Rotarians. After all, it is the next generation of Rotarians that will continue our good work. And while we have much to offer — our commitment, our wisdom, our experience — there is much we can learn from them as well. Many of the qualities we most need and value in Rotary are qualities associated with youth, like enthusiasm and a positive spirit. Young people have a natural optimism. They look for ways to accomplish things, not for excuses why they won’t work.”

Dear friends, Rotary has great hope on you and your doings. I believe, all the trainings you have gone through, have prepared yourself to enter into a new era of Rotary service and enhance the Rotary image locally as well as globally.

We Rotary family of district 3292 always take pride in the image that Rotaractors of our district have been able to create. As the number of Rotaract clubs in our district is growing rapidly, it is very necessary to look for their sustainability. Thus, in the year 2013-14 our focus should also be in strengthening and consolidation of the clubs.

I look forward to working together to further enhance the Rotary Image in the communities by engaging Rotary to change lives. Also, let us work together in establishing District 3292 as an exemplary Rotary district in the world.

Wish you all the very best and warm regards.

Dilendra Raj Shrestha
District Governor 2013-14