Message from District Rotaract Representative

Dear Rotaractor Friends of RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town

On behalf of Rotaract District Committee I would like to congratulate you for your successful Rotaract journey till date and also would like to wish you luck for the future. Also, I highly appreciate that since your charter, you have well served in all service avenues and brought about change in the same.

We Rotaractors are change agent of the society and our contribution is immense for the same. At an average, a Rotaractor spends at-least 7 hours a week in Rotaractivity. Hence, In a year with 52 weeks, a Rotaractor contributes 364 hours and if we multiply that with one club strength (which is at an average 15) then the total hour that a club devotes for its member development and for society reaches to 5460 hours. Moreover, if we consider it to the district level where there are 85 clubs, the hour we contribute reaches 464,100. If we convert it into a year, then it is 56.979 years of one generation, which we contribute to nation and society in one Rotary year alone.

If we analyze the way we serve as a Rotaract, then we develop our leadership, professional and personal skills and also serve the community. This is a great contribution we make to the society and nation being a part of the youth of society, who are partner in prosperity and solution and are competent human resource of a country.

Qualified and competent human resource is quintessential for any country to prosper and Rotaract is a platform which provides this opportunity. Now, the need of the hour is to acknowledge this strength of ours and be grateful toward this platform and reach to other youth and encourage them to be part of this platform, to grow and be a competent human resource of the nation and also contribute to nation building by serving in various avenues of service.

Rotaract is a ‘Leadership Institute’ which provides platform to be leader who practice high ethical standard, applying the ‘Four Way Test’ in every decision and takes charge not only of the nation but of the entire world altogether.

I would like to congratulate your club for being a platform for the youth, to hone their capabilities and contribute to the nation. You truly stand as a ‘Leadership Institute’ and involve youth in service and bring them together. You also contribute to develop the nation and make them a global ethical and competent leader.


Long Live Nepal, Long Live Rotary

Rtr. Ashish Chaulagain
District Rotaract Representative 2013-14
Co-Chair Rotaract Sub Committee, Rotary District 2013-14