Message from Mentor/Advisor Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar

We have journeyed through the Year of “Peace through Service’ with a feeling of great satisfaction.
Rtr Kishor ( 2012-13) as the President with a supportive team have led the club well There has been vibrancy, harmony, result orientated programs, projects and services, leaving a high bench mark for the next leader. The collective success required a proliferative team working round the clock throughout the year enabling us to renew our energy, strengthen our force, and execute projects and activities that had not been done in the past. Congratulations! A special note of thanks to all our supporters specially those who were out of the spotlight which includes the Past President, friends and well-wishers.

As of 1st July we enter into the year of “Engage Rotary Change Lives “I draw the attention of President of parent club and the DRR on changes that must be noted :The name of Rotary’s fifth Avenue of Service will change from “New Generations Service” to “Youth Service.” This change was also approved by the Council. In 2010, this avenue of service joined Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and International Service.

Today with President Saugat at the helm with a fresh team of new members to face more challenges. The responsibility is great and we hope you understand that your actions will inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more. Exercise your wisdom to steer the club in the right direction. Share your vision, conceive and articulate goals that will lift people out of their petty preoccupations and unite them in pursuit of objectives, worthy of their best efforts. Get members and people to help in changing lives, you need to share that positive vision with them. Inspire them. Motivate them. Guide them. Show them how their actions can bring everyone closer to that dream. Always practice what you preach and maintain your credibility as a leader.

It will fortify us if we in humility remember that all of us are but an instrument of a deeper purpose of one who is so much higher above us. All the best.
Before I conclude I would like to thank the two Rotaracts who have matured out of the Rotaract club as a member but not out of hearts. Bhawana the many memorable years spent in service and even otherwise have been wonderful with an everlasting bonding. Prasanna as your name implies you have been blessed thus knowing you and working with you has been full of Prasanna.

As for me yet another year of training and working begins again and I look forward to it with enthusiasm to work with a fresh team lead by President Saugat. I draw attention to the fact that this is my 17th year of togetherness with the youth of Ktm Mid Town and being revitalized each year .

I conclude by wishing the Rotaracts of Kathmandu Mid-Town
“The Very Best” let us all put our best foot forward

PP Dr Chandra Lekha Tuladhar
Youth Service Chair
RC Kathmandu Mid Town