Message from President 2013-14 

Dear Friends
It is time to bid adieu to Rota – year 2012-13.

We now “Welcome” a new Rotary year
First of all it is my privilege to “Congratulate and Thank” Rtr. Kishor Acharya (President of year 2012-13) and his team for successfully leading the club, certainly, we are proud of all the achievements made possible through all the hard work during the year.

Because of this and also all the other noteworthy contributions made by the Past Presidents and the members in upholding the image of our club ,it is indeed a matter of honor to have the responsibility to lead the team for Rota-Year 2013-14.

As the new president of a club with 17 years of active and notable legacy I assure you that with the support of the new team and all the members we shall do our best to uplift the club further.

Time has come to seriously engage ourselves to change the lives of many for the better, following the RI theme of RI President Ron D Burton’s theme “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”.

Finally, I urge all the member, board members, Rotarians of parent club and well-wishers , let us all join hands and make Rotary and with it the Rotaract Movement meaningful by making the year successful through our service .

I conclude by quoting the saying of Helen Keller; “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Rtr. Saugat Gautam
President (2013-14)
RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town / RID 3292