Message from President 2012-13

Dear Friends,
Happy New Rota Year 2013-14

“Time is Relative” is known to all and I too read about it but had no clue as to how it actually worked. However today as I am writing this message I suddenly realized that a year had passed, but it seemed just like yesterday that I stood before such an august gathering to make commitment to lead the club to the best of my ability.

On reflection, together we have journeyed through “wonderful memories’ of working hand in hand in all service activities , self-development experiences ,building of relationship all of which have been worthwhile because today we stand as a more knowledgeable and a better individual because of hard work undertaken with co-operation from my board and the many team and along with expert guidance .Therefore I would like to express my sincere thanks to all specially to my Board Members for the strong rapport and frame work that was established so that our club could leap ahead beyond the target that was initially set.

I am ever grateful to our Mentor Lekha Maam and IPP Samir Nepal for their trust and confidence in me and for their continuous backing. I will always remember our Past President Committee for they were always there for me and the team, Thank you.
My appreciation to the Rotaract District Committee and the sponsoring Rotary club for their support. Last but not the least members of Kathmandu Mid Town, friends and volunteers believe me you played a key role behind every successful story of the club. Yes my friend we were successful in many ways.

It is with great satisfaction that I am now handing over my responsibility to a competent leader and his new but nevertheless enthusiastic board. Having a totally dedicated President is the outcome of our success Congratulation President Rtr. Saugat Gautam and the new team you can count on my full support to make yet another successful year, reaching high for the sky and beyond is our your limit.

The hard work of the editorial team in successfully releasing 12 issues of Kaleidoscope and communicating the voice of Kathmandu Mid-Town to others has been marvelous.

Personally ,I am truly blessed to have such amazing members in our club My family were also very supportive ,always encouraging thus giving me strength to overcome obstacles and rejoicing with me in every happy moment. Most important my faith and trust in the way of God has been strengthened and I am ever grateful for all the blessing
showered during the year.

Thank You! Each & Everyone
Rtr Kishor Acharya
President 2012-13
RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town /
RID 3292