Joint Zonal Dashain Fellowship Program
20th October, 2012
Tribhuvan Park, Thankot 

On 20th of October, nine clubs of Zone nine jointly organized the Joint Zonal Fellowship program at Tribhuvan Park. The program was a whole day entertainment package which included the dancing, playing games, singing and having chitchat. This program helped to strengthen the relationship in between the members of 9 clubs. In the very platform Dashain Greetings was also exchanged in between the club members.


Dashain Fellowship with Mid-Towners
14th October, 2012
MahooNepal Pvt. Ltd., New Baneshwor 

On 14th of October Mid-towners (guests, members and well wishers) of club get gathered at Mahoonepal Pvt. Ltd. to wish each other Dashain greetings and to had a fun. The program started at  5pm and lasted till 8pm with a lot of singing and dancing. Refreshment was also provided in between. The flavor to the program was  added by playing flute, jimbay, madal and guitar.


Wall Climbing
10th September, 2012
ASTREK Climbing Wall, Thamel 

Wall Climbing basically was organized with the motive of having fellowship among the members and the guests (i.e. potential members). The program was organized at ASTREK Climbing Wall, Thamel with the support of Rtn. Joe, a Rotarian from our sponsoring Rotary Club, who provided the venue for the event. The event was programmed from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm with the presence total participants of 19 including 9 guests. 2 instructors from the ASTREK Climbing Wall were there to help and guide us to climb the wall.


Joint Zonal COTS of Zone 9
22nd August, 2012

All the nine clubs of Zone-9 jointly hosted the Zonal COTS. The meeting was organized with the chance of working in hand to hand with the other clubs of Zone-9 and also to extend the relation with the clubs of Zone 9. The event was a huge success, with the total participation about 80. From RAC Kathmandu Mid-town there were 9 participants.


Movie of the Month “Flywheel”
16th August, 2012
Spectra Opticals, Thapathali

The movie screening was aimed to increase the fun among the club members and guest along with providing the supportive hand to the Mega Vision Screening cause. Besides the review collection after the movie increases the writing skills and enhances the memory power of the participants. The movie was inspirational and motivational which teaches us to be honest and be true to yourself, which ultimately lead the people to the way of success. We were able to collect Rs. 455 for the supportive fund to Mega Vision Screening Program.


Friendship Day Dance Party
5th August, 2012
Rotary Hall, Thapathali

The program entitled “Friendship Day Dance Party” was organized on Rotary hall Thapathali marking the Friendship Day. The party was organized jointly by RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town, RAC Kathmandu, RAC Dillibazar, RAC Pashupati and RAC MAnohara. A total of 138 participants were participated including the Rotaractors from different Rotaracts clubs. We were able to collect Rs 4300/- as the supportive fund for Rtr. Maheshwor.


Club Assembly
14th July, 2012
Janasewa Higher Sec. School, Kirtipur

Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-town had its 1st club assembly on 14th of July. The Assembly was facilitated by PP Rtr. Anil Shrestha and Rtr. Anil Chaudhary. The entire Director’s committee came up and highlighted the planning for coming 5 months. President Rtr. Kishor Acharya highlighted on Partner in Service.


Fellowship @Kirtipur
7th July, 2012

Fellowship between the incoming and outgoing board members at Kirtipur was done after the Installation  which has been our one of the continuous fellowship activity that we are practicing for long time. We tasted the variety of delicious newari food and had a huge amount of fun.


Installation Ceremony
7th July, 2012
Sanchetana Primary School, Dhobighat

On 7th of July Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid-town had its 15th Installation Ceremony. The program was addressed by Chief Guest Rtn. Devendra Gangol along with Mentor/Advisor Rtn. Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar, DRRE Rtr. Aashish Chaulagai and ADRR Rtr. Amit Bajracharya. In the event, outgoing president Rtr. Samir Nepal introduced Rtr. Kishor Acharya as incoming president of RAC Ktm Mid-Town. Then past presidents of RAC Ktm Mid-Town handed over the president collar, hammer, gavel, charter certificate to incoming president Rtr Kishor Acharya. President Rtr. Kishor Acharya addresses the mass and introduced his new board.
The program was also followed by induction of four proposed members and the release of the annual bulletin by the dignitaries on Dias.


16th June, 2012
Sanchetana Primary School, Dhobighat

A half day Club Officer Seminar was conducted for the officers of the club. The seminar was divided into various sessions, each sessions being undertaken by different resource persons from Past-president. Rtr. Samir Nepal took the new member and guest session, PP Rtr. Anil Chaudhary took the session of officers, and PP Rtr. Anil Shrerstha took the session of Avenue Directors where as PP Rtr. Amod and PP Rtr. Prashanna Shrestha took the session of President, Secretary and Treasurer. The program was started with some icebreaking games and group games among all.


Friendly Football Match
20th June, 2012
Little Angles School, Hattiban, Lalitpur

The program was basically aimed to have fellowship with members of Rotaract club of Bagmati playing a football game. A 70 minutes game was played with two equal half time intervals of 35 minutes. 10 minutes rest was done between the intervals before Rtr. Kush Sunder Shrestha scored a goal from a pass of Rtr. Anil Dhungana and gave us 1-0 lead till the interval. After the interval, we grabbed two goals through Rtr. Unes Barjacharya and conceded a goal. The score line was 3-1 in favor of us when referee blew the final whistle.