Workshop on Logical Framework Approach
29th September, 2012
Gyan Niketan Higher Secondary School, Sankhamool, Kathmandu

The workshop was basically aimed to increase the knowledge of participants on how to use a logical framework approach during project design and planning. The session began with introduction and a brief overview on historical development of logical framework approach. The workshop facilitator, Rtr. Anil Chaudhary also highlighted the rationale and importance of Logical Framework Approach in various organizational contexts. The components of logical framework were discussed in detail.

The second session included group exercise in two groups, where the participants planned a hypothetical project using a 4×4 log-frame matrix. The evaluation of the program was done at the end using program evaluation sheet.

Good feedback and suggestions were received from the participants concerning the workshop management. The program was concluded with formal thanks to the facilitator as well as the participants.


Workshop on “Gender and Human Trafficking”
1st September, 2012
Hi-Tech, Buddhanagar

A total of 40 youth participated in the workshop on Gender equality and human trafficking on 1st of
September. The resource person for the program was Ms. Kriti KC; a Professional Trainer from Nawa Jyoti
Centre. The full day workshop included role play, posters display to highlight the scenario of Nepali society regarding the concept, vision and practices of the people in terms of gender equality and human trafficking which were followed by some interesting games such as: handicap race, bottle game, sher Vs Shikari and other group work and presentations. Regarding the workshop, positive feedbacks were obtained from the participants.


Dolpa Through My Eyes- A Traveller’s View
26th August, 2012
Spectra Opticals, Thapathali

On 26th of August there was a one and half hour slide show presentation about the trip to Dolpa on foot
for 28 days by President Rtr. Kishor Acharya. The presentation was about his experience from his perspective of this long trip. He talked about the road, face of the people, houses, villages, work, nature and finally about the lake Phoksundo. The pictures were beautifully taken and gave a deep meaning inside. Beside he also showed us the way he travel in a chart paper. In between he also added few interesting experience of him. Above all his demonstration of the things he has brought from Dolpa makes us to feel the Dolpa in our hands.


Orientation on “Community Based Rehabilitation”
17th August, 2012

A total of 42 participants attended a whole day training on Community Based Rehabilitation on 17th of August. The resource person for the program was Mr. Krishna P. Bhattarai (Executive Director, HRDC). The
training instructor of HRDC, Mr. Prakash Kumar Yadav facilitated the program. The session included power
point presentation with overview of HRDC, CBR principles, national and international contexts in disability management and CBR, paradigm shifts etc. The main objective of the program was to increase the knowledge level of participants regarding Disability Management with focus on Community Based Rehabilitation.


Workshop on “Reproductive and Sexual Health”
21st July, 2012
Rarahill School, Kirtipur

A full day workshop for 40 youths was provided by Ms. Nirmala Prajapati and Mr. Anish Shrestha; both being the certified PEER Education Trainer jointly with Y-PEER Nepal, included some power point presentation to highlight the scenario of Nepali community regarding the physical, biological, social and psychological aspects of reproductive and sexual health rights, STI diseases, sexuality and many more. The workshop included some interesting games such as: sex bingo, password game, human knot and other group work / activities.


Orientation beyond Club Level
17th July, 2012
Annapurna Higher Secondary School, Jyatha

With the request from the Interactors from Interact Club of Annapurna and Interact Club of JN Memorial
Rtr. Kishor Acharya, Rtr. Beeju maharjan and Rtr. Saugat Gautam organized a 2 hours orientation program.
In program they highlighted about the structure of RI, roles and responsibility of Rotary clubs towards
them and mainly the roles and responsibility of the board of directors and members.


Vocational Award I
1st July, 2012

A vocational Award of Rs. 600 to a nearby street tailor was awarded to Mr. Kaji Jairu who is a professional tailor and has been working on the street side since very tender age of 16. Mr. Kaji originally from Ramechhap district is living with his family of four including 2 children. He has been He was happy to be awarded the cash prize.


Power of You
23rd June, 2012
Rarahill School, Kirtipur

One day workshop was organized by Rotaract club of Kathmandu Mid-town jointly with Rara Hill Alumni
Association. The programme was mainly focused on the students of the school and the members of Alumni to
make them believe on themselves and recognize their hidden potentialities and talents and also to strengthen the relation of Alumni with the school students. The programme was full of energetic games, presentations and group works. The resource person was PP Rtr. Anil Shrestha and President Rtr. Kishor Acharya.


Blood Donation

RAC Kathmandu Mid-town did blood donation orientation programs on 14th of June marking the “Donors Day”
at three different schools targeting the local peoples of Thaiba, Panga and Kirtipur working with Red Cross, school family and Interacts. There were 100 participants in each school at orientation program, which lasted for 1 hour 30 minutes at each places. The program was facilitated by Dr. Anil from Red Cross and was accompanied by Rtn Dr Chandra Lekha, Rtn Buddha, Ms Shameera (Asia Foundation). The program was organized to aware the community people and the school students about the importance of Blood donation.
1. Phulchowki Higher Sec. School, Thaiba
2. Mangal Higher Sec. School, Kirtipur
3. Janasewa Higher Sec. School, Panga 


Concept Paper Writing and Email Etiquette
9th June, 2012
Kerbstone Private Limited, Dillibazar, Kathmandu

The workshop themed “Concept Paper Writing and Email Etiquette Program” was organized by RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town. A total of 24 participants attended the program. Rtr. Kush Sunder Shrestha and Rtr. Saugat Gautam were the resource persons. The workshop included power point presentation followed by discussion.The participants really enjoyed the program and were participating actively in discussion.


Vision Screening Training
7th June, 2012
Spectra Eye Optical and Contact Lens Clinic, Thapathali

Vision Screening Training  was organized by RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town. A total of 19 participants attended the program. The resource person was Dr. Chandra Lekha Tuladhar; ophthalmologist and mentor of RAC Kathmandu Mid-Town. First the participants were oriented theoretically and practical session was also done that will help the participants to conduct vision screening program in future.